Provider Marketing Resources

It's tough out there. And we're here to help. We believe OxyGo is the best POC for the best patient outcomes, and we want to help you spread the word and help your patients!

“Some companies do a much better job than others in providing POC marketing support and OxyGO is one of the best,” said Marc Gordon, owner of NewTec Medical Equipment, LLC, Toms River, NJ.

Marc has been in the DME business for thirty years and has been running an OxyGO print ad in auto owner targeted AAA World Magazine with good results.

“OxyGo supplied the print ad and customized it with my company name and contact information at no cost to me.  There are other POC companies out there that consider me too small to help with marketing aids. OxyGo is definitely not one of them and their battery life gives my customers longer lasting and more reliable performance. No one can touch them,” Marc added.

At Max Medical Specialties, Inc. in Jonesborough, TN, Lance McAmis has incorporated a commercial supplied to him by OxyGo into his website,  “We are targeting baby boomers and building up our website.  We have had the commercial up since January and I can tell it’s helping us sell concentrators, along with our other social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter. Overall response has been good and I want to be sure we use all the tools in the toolbox,” said Lance, who, along with his dad, Roger, has been a full line DME since 1987.

OxyGo offers its DME providers strong marketing support, most of it free. Just ask an OxyGo rep. There is a nominal charge for custom made TV/website commercials, but no charge at all for customized print ad material for magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.

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